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For his continued contribution to amongst others, the global supply chain management and procurement fraternity, Dr. Douglas Boateng has been elected a Fellow of the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS). What makes this achievement particularly noteworthy is that this brings to six the total number of his concurrently held fellowships with the world’s thought leading and foremost professional bodies. Additionally, he is also a fellow of two South African bodies; the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and the Institute of Directors Southern Africa.

To date Dr. Boateng is still the only known supply chain strategy authority in the world to be concurrently conferred with elected fellowships by the foremost global organisations associated with uplifting standards in corporate leadership and governance, supply chain management practice and education.

A fellowship is the highest honour bestowed on a select number of professionals. The fellowship recognises specialist knowledge, ethics, thought leadership, directorial and management development, decisionmaking capabilities and contributions to industry, government and academia.

Dr. Boateng’s roll of fellowship honours includes:

Institute of Directors, United Kingdom

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, United Kingdom

Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, United Kingdom

The Chartered Management Institute, United Kingdom

Institute of Operations Management, United Kingdom

Institute of Business Consulting, United Kingdom


The president and CEO of PanAvest International, a company he founded, Dr. Boateng holds a Master of Science degree and a Doctorate in Engineering. He acknowledges that he is a firm believer in the power of education and applied knowledge to achieve competitive advantage in supply chain, logistics and procurement management. He also believes that these functions are where the modern business can – and will – distinguish itself from its competitors.

“Never since the industrial revolution has so much emphasis been placed on strategically managing supply chains, be they in public or private sectors,” says Dr. Boateng. “It is an accepted fact that it is supply chains, and not companies, that compete.”

He says that in recognition of the growing strategic importance of the supply chain to competitive advantage, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of board level appointments of chief supply chain officers. “These appointees are tasked with operating the entire value chain in a synchronised fashion to sustainably achieve competitive advantage, improve bottom-line results and shareholder value.”

And that’s not something limited to the private sector, Dr. Boateng continues. “By the same token, governments are steadily embracing supply chain management as a means to improve service delivery and create sustainable jobs for their citizens.” As such, Dr. Boateng notes that developments in local and international businesses, coupled with increasing pressure on government to improve service delivery, augur well for the talented supply chain professional. “Various independent research and commentaries from leading authorities including McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Accenture and Aberdeen are clearly indicating that chief supply chain officers, with their broad spectrum of skills, will increasingly assume the President and CEO mantle. Already some the world’s largest corporations, including Merck, are headed by supply chain professionals,” Dr. Boateng notes. About PanAvest International PanAvest International is a 5PSCM niche business advisory, education, training, coaching and mentoring. The quasi virtual organization assists companies to profitably extend their market reach through the application of long term innovative, Business Development Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions.

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