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OCTOBER 2009- Integration of emerging technology with existing solutions has served as an ongoing challenge for the fast-paced environment of enterprise technology. It is therefore to the considerable advantage of organisations looking to introduce e-marketplace solutions that ProcServe has announced that its ProcServe Trading Network supports Oracle Transparent PunchOut for catalogue access and introduced adapters for Oracle platforms to ease integration for its private and public sector customers.

PanAvest International Development Corporation is the exclusive African partner responsible for promoting and marketing the ProcServe suite of trading management and eMarketplace solutions in Africa. The company’s CEO, Dr. Douglas Boateng, explains that the new functionality includes an integration facility connected to the Government Secure Internet* (GSi). “The new functionality includes development on ProcServe’s core solutions to the security of electronic marketplaces. These are accredited to Government Security Level 2, something that no other eMarketplace and P2P service provider has achieved in the United Kingdom.” These enhancements will significantly reduce the costs and effort required by Oracle ERP customers to integrate with the ProcServe Trading Network including the Government marketplaces – Zanzibar, OPEN and xchangewales eTrading. Buying organisations will gain the benefits of easier access to collaborative content and an eve-expanding supplier base on the platform as a whole. Boateng points out that Oracle ERP applications are widely used in government and private industry across Africa. “As the value proposition of e-marketplaces gains traction, these organisations will seek solutions that allow for rapid deployment and documented integration with existing ERP solutions. ProcServe is therefore substantially enhancing its appeal as the e-marketplace solution provider of choice for Oracle users,” he says.

Veera Johnson, CEO of ProcServe, notes that the company is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork. “This relationship is leveraged to ensure that the integration between the ProcServe Trading Network and the Oracle iProcurement environment is as seamless as possible. With out-of-the-box message integration deemed to be a minimum prerequisite to enable straightforward integration, there are many other features such as Transparent PunchOut which are key to the creation of integrated trading solutions,” he says.

Johnson explains that Transparent PunchOut allows end users to search the ProcServe Marketplace from within their Oracle environment in exactly the same way as they search internal service or product catalogues. This is a more efficient process than that of conducting an actual PunchOut (logging off Oracle before logging on to the ProcServe Marketplace). “This gives customers a consistent user experience for all types of catalogues in the iProcurement environment while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of externally hosted catalogues with better and more up to-date content managed by the suppliers themselves,” he explains. Boateng reiterates that the key benefits for Oracle and private sector customers in Africa is that there is no requirement on the part of businesses to develop specific customisations to integrate with their trading networks and e-marketplaces. “This development significantly reduces implementation times and lowers integration costs, while also ensuring accuracy with no ‘lost in translation’ errors which can occur with bespoke integration. Clients also gain the assurance of compatibility with future releases and expansions of the Oracle Finance application stack, as the integration is based on standard Oracle features.”

Media Contact: Cora Byrne,
T: +44(0)7889 996 345

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