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1 August 2008

For his continued contribution to international logistics and supply chain management, Dr Douglas Boateng, President and CEO PanAvest International was officially inducted into the Institute of Directors’ Southern Africa Wall of Fame during the second quarter of 2008.

The Institute of Directors Southern Africa is one of the largest Senior Executive and CEO level membership organizations in Africa. One of its mission is to promote sound corporate governance to influence the conduct of business and public affairs for the common good. Dr Boateng has been a FELLOW of the Institute since 2005.

From both South Africa and Europe, he has, over fifteen years, managed to successfully assist a number of multi-nationals to extend their market reach through the application of innovative industrial engineering techniques, logistics and supply chain management strategies. Sectors that has benefited from his vast sector specific experience and expertise include Commodities (including chemicals and mining), Financial services IT and ecommerce, Academia (esp postgraduate lecturing & project supervision), Pharmaceuticals, logistics and distribution. Prior to founding PanAvest Dr Boateng was the CEO for the African subsidiary of Izodia a FTSE listed IT and ecommerce company. He led the African subsidiary to become the most successful unit outside the United Kingdom.

In 1998, Warwick University in the United Kingdom awarded Dr Boateng his Doctoral degree in Engineering Business Management. The focus of the research was International logistics and Supply Chain management. He is a CHARTERED FELLOW of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

In addition Dr Boateng is an elected FELLOW of the highly influential
a. Institute of Directors in the United Kingdom
b. The Chartered Management Institute in the United Kingdom
c. Institute of Business Consulting in the United Kingdom
d. Institute of Operations Management in the United Kingdom

Fellowships with such prestigious global institutions are bestowed on a carefully selected number of seasoned professionals for amongst others, specialist knowledge, thought leadership, director and management development, decision making within organizations and proof of the highest achievement and contribution to various sectors of industry.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is the largest and oldest sector specific international body of professionals engaged in various sectors of transport, logistics and supply chain management. The organization was formed in the United Kingdom in 1919 as the Institute of Transport and gained its Royal Charter in 1926. Today, it is a thought leader within the Global logistics and Supply chain field and a worldwide association with representation in over 30 countries.

CILT’S prime focus is to facilitate the development of personal and professional excellence, plus also promote the advancement of leading-edge thinking and best practice in logistics, supply-chain management and all transport related matters.

“Global logistics expenditure is well in excess of $3.5 tirilion USD and represent nearly 20% of the world’s GDP*. On average most companies spend between 5% and 15%of revenues on logistics and supply chain related activities. In Africa the logistics percentage spend is relatively higher due to amongst others, limited infrastrucuture and continental wide service providers.

With companies constantly moving people, goods* and services around the globe coupled with the fact that the world is increasingly becoming borderless and competitive, the strategic importance of logistics and supply chain management has never being greater…. .

In the developed world, logistics has consistently ranked among the top 5 in terms contribution to impactful socio-economic growth. In most African countries, logistics and supply chain management ranks among the top 3 fastest growing industries………* ” Dr Boateng remarked.

South Africa and other selected countries in Africa and the Middle East has over the last 10 years seen significant improvements in logistics and supply chain related infrastructure.….. Unfortunately the strategic links within Africa, Middle East and to other strategic world markets leaves a lot to be desired”. 

Dr Boateng believes that South Africa and the rest of Africa’ Long term economic growth is inextricably linked the continents ability to cost effectively move people and goods within and outside the continent.

“Organisations that are able to efficiently and effectively move their products from the point of origin or production to the point of need in a timely manner are the ones that will survive well into the future”.

The last seven years has also seen a marked recognition of the talents and value add from highly skilled and strategically minded Logisticians; with quite a few now enjoying CEO/COO and board level appointments with a number of Fortune 100 companies.
Unfortunately the rapid growth in the sector has lead to a global shortage for skilled logisticians and supply chain experts!. In South Africa and the rest of the continent, the situation is even more acute!

“Like the developed world, the continent could hugely benefit from collaboratively setting up logistics centres of excellence to undertake sector specific and industrially and targeted research, educate, continuously train, coach and mentor current and future sector experts and professionals”.

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