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For his continued contribution to international logistics and supply chain management, Dr Douglas Boateng, President and CEO PanAvest International has been elected a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport South Africa (CILTSA).

The organization is one of the largest international body of professionals engaged in various sectors of transport, logistics and supply chain management. CILT was formed in the United Kingdom in 1919 as the Institute of Transport and gained its Royal Charter in 1926. Today, it is a worldwide association with representation in over 30 countries with South Africa currently one of its most active international organizations. CILT South Africa’s prime focus is to facilitate the development of personal and professional excellence, plus also promote the advancement of leading-edge thinking and best practice in logistics, supply-chain management and all transport related matters. Fellowships are bestowed on a carefully selected number of seasoned professionals for amongst others, specialist knowledge, thought leadership, director and management development, decision making within organizations and proof of the highest achievement and contribution to various sectors of industry.

In 1998, Warwick University in the United Kingdom awarded Dr Boateng his Doctoral degree in Engineering Business Management. The focus of the research was International logistics and Supply Chain management.
Dr Boateng is also an elected FELLOW of the highly influential:
a) Institute of Directors in the United Kingdom
b) The Chartered Management Institute in the United Kingdom
c) Institute of Business Consulting in the United Kingdom
d) Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the United Kingdom
e) Institute of Directors Southern Africa Institute of Operations Management in the United Kingdom

PanAvest International is a 5PSCM niche business advisory, education, training, coaching and mentoring. The quasi virtual organization assists companies to profitably extend their market reach through the application of long term innovative, Business Development Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions. More information can be found at

Dr Boateng is an editorial board member of Smart Procurement, President of the International Supply chain Leadership Forum, a postgraduate external examiner and project supervisor on supply chain management at UNISA’s SBL

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