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Corona Meter Update: 19 October 2020

Corona Meter Update: 19 October 2020


1. ACTIVE cases as a percentage of recorded infections were:

Globally 22.5%
Africa 15.5%
South Africa 7.6%
In Ghana, it was REMARKABLY lower at 0.8%

2. Current official RECOVERY rate

Ghana 98.5% – well above Global benchmarks
Global 74.7%
Africa 82.1%
South Africa 89.8%

3. The country’s unfortunate DEATH rate as a percentage of recorded infections was 0.66% and still well below the benchmarks for:

Global 2.8%
African 2.4%
South Africa 2.6%

4. The above comparative data clearly indicates that as a nation we are definitely doing “something right”.

Each one of us however STILL has a “citizenry duty” to continue to protect each other plus our fragile healthcare system which is currently not in a position to cope with a major upsurge in “hospitalisations ” associated with serious and critical cases.

5. Please respectfully note that the success of the “lives versus livelihood” strategy is very much dependent on EVERY citizen continuing to strictly adhere to the safety protocols:

a. Constant WEARING of the “right” face mask,
b. Public & WORKPLACE distancing
c. Hand WASHING, sanitizing and improved personal hygiene.
d. Proper VENTILATION in enclosed areas etc.

6.If we collectively work at it, we can limit the infection cases plus continue to keep the associated fatalities below 1%.

Keep hope alive, stay safe and blessed.

Prof. Douglas Boateng.

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