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Corona Meter Update: 12 October 2020

Corona Meter Update: 12 October 2020

1. Ghana’s current official RECOVERY rate of 98.7% is well above the Global (75.1%), African (82.6%) South African (90.1%) benchmarks.

2. The unfortunate DEATH rate as a percentage of recorded infections for Ghana was 0.65% and still well below the Global (2.86%) African (2.40%) and South African (2.57%) benchmarks.

3. ACTIVE cases as a percentage of recorded infections were:

a. Globally (22%)
b. Africa (14.98%)
c. South Africa (7.35%)

In Ghana, it was REMARKABLY lower at 0.64%

4. Despite our relatively low active cases, this cunning and elusive virus is still very active in our beloved Ghana and “patiently waiting to be transported to its next victim by one of us”.

It is for this reason why the creeping Corona fatigue and sometimes carelessness could have serious unintended consequences for every citizen.

5. To protect the gains we have made with living with the virus, the wearing of a mask is still a must. So is social distancing, proper ventilation in enclosed areas, regular hand washing, and improved personal hygiene.

6. It is looking increasingly likely that it will take several months and possibly till END 2021 to have some normalcy with our daily routines.
Until then, it is the duty of every Ghanaian to protect each other by avoiding complacency and continuing to comply with the WHO safety protocols.

The best of Ghana is ahead of us.

Keep hope alive. Stay safe and blessed.

Prof Douglas Boateng

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