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The Commonwealth Investment Corporation (“CIC”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Douglas Boateng to the company’s supervisory team , effective immediately. Professor Boateng is currently CEO of the PanAvest Partnership and Africa’ 1st Extraordinary Professor for supply and value chain management. He will be assisting CIC particularly in ​ linking businesses within Commonwealth with their counterparts in Africa.

Professor Boateng ’s enthusiasm and strategic thinking will bring a unique perspective to help drive CIC’s strategy in the region,” said Dr Mohan Kaul, Executive Chairman of the Commonwealth Investment Corporation. “We look forward to benefiting from his exceptional experience that is directly relevant to our vision of helping to solve some of the infrastructural and economic developmental challenges in Africa.”

Commenting on the appointment Professor Douglas Boateng said . “The modern ideals of the Commonwealth and in particular the Commonwealth Investment Corporation are in line with my own vision. Through win-win smart partnerships, I am hoping to assist the CIC to contribute to Africa’ long term industrialization , job creation and poverty reduction efforts.”

About the Commonwealth Investment Corporation (“CIC”)

CIC develops and creates projects tailored to clients’ needs and goals by collaborating with an extensive network of local and international partners and finance and industry experts. The company’s investment philosophy is to develop projects with partners that have a history of socially responsible investing. The company’s objective is to promote the social and economic development of emerging economies particularly in the Commonwealth.

The Modern Commonwealth

The modern Commonwealth differs largely from the old Commonwealth that was created in 1949. The modern Commonwealth you see today is indicative in its networks, values and the “Commonwealth Factor”. This unique feature derives from a shared experience that is manifested through similar legal, administrative, finance and business practices. The Commonwealth contrary to its reputation as an association based on its history is a dynamic and significant association of societies with vibrant and growing private sectors. This is best exemplified in Sub-Saharan Africa where seventeen of the top twenty places to do business in Sub-Saharan Africa are Commonwealth countries.. Today development is about transforming the lives of people and not simply transforming economies.


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