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As the value proposition and business models surrounding the concept of electronic marketplaces continue to gain ground internationally, a visionary company is advancing such solutions with a distinctly African flavour. With unmatched efficiencies, auditable and manageable procure-to-pay processes and enhanced supply chain visibility, e-marketplaces are not only here to stay, but will become the de-facto method of doing business in the future.
That’s according to PanAvest International and Development Corporation CEO Dr. Douglas Boateng. He reveals that his organisation has signed an exclusive agreement to promote and market the ProcServe suite of trading management and eMarketplace solutions in Africa.

“ProcServe currently hosts and manages the largest industrial and public sector electronic marketplace in the world,” says Boateng. “PanAvest opted to partner with ProcServe after a careful investigation of many e-supply chain management solution sets over a 12-month period; we believe we have selected the best available to deliver highly efficient electronic trading solutions for companies doing business in Africa.”
Continuing, Boateng says the company’s choice of affiliation with ProcServe was driven by pragmatic findings which emerged from its evaluation of available systems. “ProcServe impressed on a number of essential features, including flexibility, security accreditation, stability and the ease with which its e-solutions integrate with legacy and modern ERP systems. Perhaps even more important is that the ProcServe solutions deliver tried and tested rapid implementation in the public sector and other targeted verticals,” he explains.

Boateng believes that as Africa and the emerging world continues to invest in advanced technological platforms, it stands the chance to continue its nascence on the global economic stage. “For various reasons, countries and companies operating on the continent have not yet fully harnessed the potential of these systems. However, therein lies some advantage: the teething troubles and missteps made in the early days of e-marketplaces has, effectively, been sidestepped. PanAvest, along with technology partners like ProcServe, is ready to work together with these countries and companies to co-develop Afrocentric solutions rather than simply selling technological platforms.”

From its perspective, ProcServe is excited to enter Africa with a partner with proven reach and competence. CEO Veera Johnson notes: “The relationship with PanAvest reinforces our strategy to extend our technological solution sets to the public sector and other targeted verticals in the emerging world. Working with Dr Boateng and PanAvest International, we look forward to supporting our customers in the region as they move to take advantage of highly efficient electronic trade and supply chain management.”

About ProcServe
ProcServe, a wholly owned subsidiary of PA Consulting Group, provides fast, flexible and secure electronic marketplaces and trading connectivity solutions. ProcServe’s hosted, custom-branded solutions provide customers with the unique ability to leverage a software-as-a-service solution and maintain their own uniquely branded and configured marketplace. Customers enjoy a faster solution set up, lower cost of maintenance, and a secure environment. ProcServe also delivers Zanzibar, OPEN and xchangewales on behalf of the UK Public Sector. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Cora Byrne
T: +44(0)20 7881 3445

About PanAvest International and Development Corporation
PanAvest International is a niche 5PSCM (a 5th party supply chain management) organization. It was formed to work with forward thinking businesses to enhance their value creation, market share and profitability through world class supply chain management principles and technological solutions. With advancement in information technology PanAvest in 2008 became “networked quasi-virtual company” with an extensive internationally independent and shared vision partners and service providers.

We come together on a need basis to work on projects that make a real and sustainable difference to clients overall performance and bottom line results. More details of the company can be found on

PR & Media Contact:
Dr Douglas Boateng
T: + 27 11 469-3860

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