Corporate Governance

The primary objective of any system of corporate governance is to ensure that directors and managers, to whom the running of the company have been entrusted by the stakeholders, carry out their responsibilities faithfully and effectively, placing the interests of the corporation and society ahead of their own.


Numerous studies to date have clearly shown that although business executives firmly believe that strategic human capital development and management is one of the most important assets to an organisation, most directors are still generally at a crossroad when it comes to objectively coming up with value driven governance and human capital development strategies that can lead to:

  1. Improved bottom line results
  2. Protection of shareholder property
  3. Making a difference to society at large

Together with our partners, we capacitate (via targeted coaching and training) internal human capital, and help to introduce ‒ or assist in redesigning ‒ governance and strategic human capital management processes, in order to foster uncompromising long term value add from management. This can involve some challenging steps, including, but not limited to:

  1. Vertical specific and focused executive coaching and training
  2. Corporate governance and board composition
  3. Establishing formal mechanisms for evaluating both director and board effectiveness.

In addition to these tough, long-term steps, there are also some relatively easy measures that we can co-implement to produce improvements almost immediately.