Industries and Ventures

PanAvest’s long term strategy is to be the company of choice for organisations keen to extend their reach in selected markets.


Our involvement in any venture is based on long term goals, shared vision, and profitability. We only invest in businesses in which significant value can be added to the overall performance. In partnership with a number of financial institutions, we have access to capital to fund targeted acquisitions.

With our partners and associates* we also fully appreciate the rapidly changing and often complex needs of organisations operating within an ever demanding business environment.
At PanAvest, we are fully aware of these constraints and challenges. We continue to assist selected companies with both thought leadership and market driven implementation solutions to reposition their respective organisations for improved performance and market growth.

We are keen to open discussions with forward thinking companies operating in the following verticals:

  • Pharmaceuticals, vaccines and nutraceuticals
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • IT and ecommerce
  • Supply chain management
  • Specialty chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Agricultural related commodities
  • Executive education and training
  • Manufacturing and packaging
  • Engineering services
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Industrial properties and warehousing
  • Executive mentoring and coaching
  • Industrial support and outsourcing services
  • Selected ventures that focus on making a difference

For more information please contact us with specific details at