Executive Coaching

An experienced coach is a professional that acts as part advisor, part sounding board, part motivator, part executor, and part strategist.

Executive coaching is concerned with getting the best out of people, through helping them to realise their potential, and ensuring that they have the skills, understanding, knowledge, and motivation to succeed. Coaching is directly linked to positive change in that it focuses on guiding people away from pessimistic viewpoints, and towards more value added and optimistic positions.

Coaches and vertical specific advisors assist executives with business matters where thought leadership and objectivity can successfully contribute to the implementation of ongoing best
business management principles.

Today, coaches and vertical specific professional advisors are increasingly being used as additional resources for business executives, by providing assistance from a standpoint that is impartial to the long term performance improvement, human capital development, and growth and wealth creation objectives of a business.

In random study of selected global 1000 top executives, on the impact of executive coaching, the following were reported:

  1. Over 50% of the executives interviewed reported significant Productivity improvements.
  2. Over 45% of the executives interviewed reported improvements in Organisational strength
  3. Over 20% of the executives interviewed reported an increase in customer satisfaction
  4. Over 30% of the executives interviewed reported improved retention of executives who received coaching
  5. Over 20% of the executives interviewed reported quantifiable Cost reductions
  6. Over 20% of the executives interviewed reported bottom-line profitability

Proven benefits to the executive (coachee) include:

  1. Broadening of knowledge and experience to practically tackle organisational challenges
  2. Learning to solve problems and be accountable for connected outcomes
  3. Having greater confidence and accepting responsibility
  4. Developing a new viewpoint and the ability to see a problem with a fresh pair of eyes

Proven benefits to the organization include:-

  1. Productivity improvement as a result of helping employees work smarter
  2. Development of a deep bench of talent who can step up when required
  3. Improvement in relationships between people/departments
  4. Making more effective use of company resources; coaching costs less than formal training
  5. Action oriented problem solving including finding new ways to approach old problems
  6. Adoption of a new culture/management style
  7. Reduction in frustration leading to greater efficiency through less fractious relationships.

PanAvest’s coaching goal is to help individuals improve their personal performance, which in turn, will lead to improvements in organisational performance. Our skilfully selected seasoned executive coaches and vertical specific professional advisors focus on results and outcomes. With a results-oriented approach, the executive (“coachee”) is able to achieve the goals they set, in less time and more effectively.

Our executive coaching focuses particular attention on the areas of supply chain management and corporate governance.