About the Foundation

The PanAvest Foundation and Development Trust is a non-profit, private, and independent grant making institution.

It is dedicated to assisting groups and individuals better themselves through lasting socioeconomic improvement in their conditions.

Founded in 2003 by Professor Boateng, the foundation is concerned with the welfare and wellbeing of children, the less fortunate, disadvantaged communities, and rural dwellers in
selected countries.


To make a real and sustainable difference by economically empowering civic society.


In all areas, the Foundation is interested in funding projects in which PanAvest has business interests and which fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • Addressing root causes of a concern rather than treating symptoms
  • Serving as a catalyst to stimulate collaborative efforts by various sectors of the community
  • Resulting in a growing, long-lasting impact on the situation beyond the value of the grant itself
  • Reflection of sound financial planning and solid management practices in the administration of the project.


The Foundation’s work is informed by nine fundamental values and guiding principles. These include:

  • Convening people to work on community problems, thus restoring hope and a sense of purpose to our stakeholders through real empowerment
  • Making a real and sustainable difference by assisting to resolve social, economic, health and environmental issues within townships and rural communities
  • Experimenting and taking risks to address problems within selected communities and rural areas
  • Partnering with various institutions to deliver sustainable and measurable change to both individuals and communities
  • Creating real jobs for our stakeholders and their families through our network
  • Advancing the socio-economic and educational prospects of low-income people to share in and create ongoing prosperity
  • Encouraging responsible citizen participation to help foster social cohesion
  • Enhancing mutual understanding and communication among diverse racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups
  • Honouring individuals and groups for improving their communities