13Oct 2017

High unemployment, a lowering of the living standards of the majority of people, and limited resources for infrastructure upgrades have resulted in increased levels of frustration and anger among many people in South Africa. In addition to this, continued poor service delivery quality and an uncertain economic future has resulted in the loss of skilled […]

11Sep 2017

While procurement, as a sub-process of supply chain management, is largely recognised as a catalyst for industrialisation and national and regional development, it is often misunderstood within government, C-Suite, and other policy making corridors in Africa. This has led to a continued focus on short-term cost reduction and profit maximising ‘buying’ practices which have undermined […]

24Aug 2017

Various positive perceptions surrounding the growing role of procurement in Africa continue to abound. Yet, despite the optimism that such perceptions appear to promote, the realities of procurement practices on the continent are somewhat less inspiring. That is, while procurement, as a sub-process of supply chain management, is generally perceived as a catalyst for industrialisation […]

07Aug 2017

Women have more power than they think. This is especially the case when it comes to their influence on long-term industrialisation and socio-economic growth in Africa. As consumers, either at an individual or organisational level, women’s buying and sourcing practices – no matter how large or small – impact on the success and failure of […]

07Jul 2017

Since the industrial revolution of the 19th century, countries around the world continue to drive industrialisation as a core component of their socio-economic development. Notwithstanding significant industrialisation in African countries following independence, a continued lack of strong industries has resulted in a reliance on foreign imports, commodity exports, and a continuation of widespread unemployment, poverty, […]

04Apr 2016

Africans do not want handouts, Africans want jobs. In a time of intense market competition and widespread unemployment, businesses and governments alike need to look for innovative and effective ways to create jobs and promote socio-economic stability in the region. Africa’s current overreliance on government and ‘big-business’ jobs needs to come to an end, and […]