About the Partnership

The professional development partnership is an innovative collaboration between PanAvest, various professional institutions, public and private sector organisations, and vertical specific academic institutions.

It is a quasi-corporate, industrial, and academic social responsibility development initiative aimed at transforming governance, supply chain management, procurement, logistics, and operations practices on the continent, through human capital development. The Partnership is open to organisations and selected individuals that want to use supply chain management and corporate governance to achieve intra- and inter-organisational integration, performance improvement, quality service delivery, and competitive advantage.


Making a real and sustainable difference by fostering a deeper understanding of supply chain management and corporate governance, and its inextricable link to amongst others:

  • Competiveness and bottom line performance
  • Socio-economic change
  • Economic growth
  • Shareholder value creation
  • Government service delivery
  • Continental, regional, and national development.


The initiative is subsidized by:

  1. The PanAvest Partnership
  2. Contributions from associates and alliance partners
  3. Organisations with shared interests and a common vision

Collaborating for professional growth

Partnerships and alliances are open to organisations and selected individuals* with a common interest in advancing supply chain professional development, government and industry innovation in Africa and the emerging world. To benefit from the collective experience, representatives of alliance partners and associates must actively participate in group activities.


Experience has clearly proven that active partners can achieve a full return on contribution within eight months.  Examples of benefits include amongst others:

  • In-company sponsored action-based research with alliance partners and associates
  • Opportunity to freely participate in vertical specific value adding action oriented supply chain innovation debates and discussions
  • Opportunity for alliance partners and associates to hear some of the world’s leading supply chain professionals and academics share their thought leading experiences
  • Free knowledge sharing
  • Free complimentary tickets to events organised by partners*
  • Electronic copies of proceedings from partnership events*
  • Professional cross networking*
  • Access to the database of alliance partners and associates*