Organisational Governance and Management

The primary mission of the Board is to represent and protect the interests of all stakeholders. In so doing, the Board has the legal responsibility for overseeing the affairs of the company and has certain specified powers and authorities with respect to corporate action provided by the laws of the country in which PanAvest has business interests.

The Board’s oversight function is exercised through the election and appointment of competent officers.

The Board, nevertheless, remains responsible for oversight and thus has an obligation to keep informed in order to assist management in formulating and developing plans; it also sets necessary criteria and serves as a body to review and advise management on the operations of the Company.

These duties are discharged by the full Board, the Board’s committees, or the independent members of the Board.


Dr Douglas Boateng (MSc, EngD  FCILT, FCMI, FIoD, FIC, FIOM FCIPS)
Founder and CEO – Panavest International and partners
President of the PanAvest Foundation
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Mr Akwasi Agyeman (MPA MBA)
Broadcast Division
Global Media Alliance

Ms Laetitia Bezuidenhout
Bezuidenhout and Kie
Finance, Audit and Company Secretary