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PanAvest International and Partners was formed to work with forward thinking businesses to enhance their value creation, market share and profitability. With advancement in information technology the organization in 2008 became “networked quasi-virtual company” with an extensive internationally independent shared vision partners and service providers.

We come together on a need basis to work on projects that make a real and sustainable difference to clients overall performance and bottom line results.

As business partners, we seek to continuously assist organizations to profitably differentiate themselves from the competition.

Strengthening organizational capabilities with PanAvest as an ally could well be the key to business continuity and future success.

As a quasi-virtual networked organization we:-

  • Offer vertical specific leading edge thinking and thought leadership

  • Process innovation and operations development

  • Performance improvement

  • Human capital development

  • Understand international logistics and supply chain management

  • Are committed to helping selected organizations sustainability become lean, efficient, profitable and customer focused

  • Work hand in hand to create organizational capabilities that yield lasting results

  • Financial re-engineering and improvement

  • Serve as a counsel and facilitator on the need for renewed strategies viz-a-viz business logistics and supply chain challenges

  • Bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to enable organizations confront major strategic decisions

  • Have a style and modus operandi that we believe will be compatible with forward thinking organizations


  1. Blanket Purchase Order

    A blanket order is defined as an order the customer makes with its supplier which contains multiple delivery dates scheduled over a period of time, sometimes at predetermined prices. It is normally used when there is a recurring need for expendable goods. Hence, items are purchased under a single purchase order (P.O) rather than processing a separate P.O. each time supplies are needed. Synonym: Standing Order Synonym: Blanket Order

  2. Consultative Sales

    A method of selling that emphasizes customer needs and meeting those needs with solutions combining products and/or services depending on customer profile.

  3. Data Steward

    The person responsible for maintaining consistency and precise of data during exchanges between computer systems.

  4. Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS)

    A process for authorizing payment for goods based on actual receipts with purchase order data, when price has already been negotiated. The basic premise behind ERS is that all of the information in the invoice is already transmitted in the shipping documentation. Therefore, the invoice is eliminated and the shipping documentation is used to pay the vendor.

  5. Dock-to-Stock

    A practice where pre-qualified product is received into inventory, eliminating the normal receiving and inspection handling involved. Also, a warehouse metric used to benchmark the amount of time required to perform the processes associated with getting received items into storage.

  6. Packing and Marking

    Sometimes referred to as preservation, packaging and marking, these are the activities related to packing for shipping by placing goods into designated containers, and labeling (marking) the container with customer prescribed destination and other information.

  7. General Commodities Carrier

    A common motor carrier that has operating authority to transport general commodities, or all commodities not listed as special commodities.


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